Catching conveyance from appointments, work, or going to family and friends are often challenging sometimes. Our transport support includes enabling participants to create the capacity to travel independently. It provides training to use public transport.

Excellent care staff can increase the participant’s independence through public transport training by learning public transport routes and bus/train timetables. We aim to make your travel journey on public transport as easy and comfortable as possible, so you enjoy your time out and about in the community.

A participant’s transport supports can also include the reasonable and necessary taxis costs or other private transport options for participants who aren’t ready to travel independently and the transport to and from school for students.

An NDIS plan can also include taxis or other private transport options, where a participant isn’tisn’t ready to travel independently. Perfect Care has a wheel-chair accessible van to support our participants who are unable to access conveyance. We can drive you to your appointment or other places in the community and then drive you back again.

We provide a convenient transport service, which will be scheduled beforehand, which will take you to:

  • Medical appointments
  • Place of education
  • Work
  • Local shopping centre
  • Anywhere else in your community

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