Daily Tasks/Shared Living

We offer support to people with complex requirements due to their disabilities. Our trained and experienced staff meet all the complex needs of the participants. Our team has all the necessary skills and capabilities to offer timely and contributes to the participants’ overall well-being. We work towards ensuring greater independence for the participants and let them live the life they want. Our assistance empowers each participant by helping them complete their daily activities. 

Our supports include:

  • Helping you with budgeting;
  • Maintaining social skills and positive family and peer relationships;
  • Assisting you with written communication, completing forms, and paying bills;
  • Providing hands-on assistance with household activities, including meal preparation, being a good neighbour, paying rent on time, domestic tasks etc.
  • Assisting you with shopping;
  • Supporting you to attend appointments;
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing;

Our shared living arrangements are comfortable arrangements for individuals to help them live, enjoy, interact and learn with others. It is no less than a home where all the needs are well attended to. You can enjoy the privacy along with shared spaces and seek new friendships. 

Daily Tasks / Shared Living

Shared living accommodations are the perfect opportunity to gain more independence with our support. We ensure that all assistance to made available to you and you tread closer to your life goals.   

Our highly trained staff will support you by:

  • Teaching you how to live with others and ensuring you can cope with your responsibilities around the home
  • We’ll even assist with your move if it is the first time you are going to be living in your own or shared accommodation
  • But most importantly, it teaches you how to live well independently and assist you with the basic daily tasks like getting yourself ready each day, preparing healthy, wholesome meals and enjoying life to the fullest.

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