Group/Centre Activities

Bring happiness and convenience to your life

We invite you to join the fun here with us in an inclusive environment. You will have numerous opportunities to learn, make new friends, grow and most importantly, discover everyday happiness.

You can enjoy a wide range of social experiences and activities at our centre. These include art, craft, music, sports and other activities. We also work towards developing your varied skills through classes in job skills, money handling and cooking.

Accessibility and convenience

We have added flexibility in our programs, and we further customise it for you as per your specific requirements. At our centre, you also have access to a wide variety of other services you may require. We also assist you with transportation if required based on personal circumstances.

We are accessible, friendly and supported by a highly qualified team to help you with anything you may need.

Making you live your life to the full

In an environment that is safe and welcoming, you can build friendships and enrich your experiences. We provide something for everyone worthy, enjoyable and valuable.

Our range of activities and program aims to help you lead a happier life, full of independence. Interaction programs and social inclusion are specially designed to meet your needs. Furthermore, this assists you in finding your valuable place in life. Feel valued and comfortable.

The objective is to promote socialisation and support workers to facilitate all the activities. However, we often encourage the participants to engage in activities independently and participate in workshops and group activities.

You can enjoy:

  • Arts and Crafts Activities
  • Music 
  • Games
  • Kitchen and cooking skills classes
  • And more

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