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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Australia’s first scheme to support people with disability is a welcome progression of the previous system by providing direct funding for individuals. The NDIS is federally managed and a consistent nation-wide scheme with a lifetime commitment of support. For individuals with permanent and significant disability, it provides funding and support.

The NDIS works to provide long term outcomes for the participants.

Who will manage my NDIS funds?

No one else than you. The NDIS plan specifies the funding amount for each support, but its you who will decide about the management of the funds. Here you have a choice. You can opt to manage your funds yourself or nominate a registered provider to do it for you. NDIS empowers you by giving you complete control over the supports provided to you.

Will the existing support I need gets affected under NDIS?

NDIS makes things better and brighter for you. Just in case, if you have a requirement of more support and it is considered reasonable and necessary by the NDIS, you will be provided with more support. However, here you must spend a good time thinking, analysing your needs, and understanding how you can improve your life with added and improved support from the NDIS.

Will NDIS be providing me with more funding?

The amount of funding you receive is not relevant at all under NDIS. The focus of this scheme is not the amount in terms of dollars that you will receive. It works towards ensuring that all the support you receive under this scheme helps you take you closer towards your life goals.

What are supports available under the NDIS?

Supports that you will receive should be considered as ‘reasonable and necessary. Those should:

  1. Take you closer to your goals and aspirations.
  2. Help you in developing the capacity to participate in the community.
  3. Make you live a life as independent as possible.
  4. Works out as a value for money proposition.

It will include support for access to learning, work, accommodation, equipment, health transport and more.

What is considered ‘reasonable and necessary?

 The supports that you expect should necessarily meet the following parameters:

  • It should help in pursuing your goals and objectives, as mentioned in your plan.
  • Facilitate your increased participation in the community.
  • Enhance your capacity for participating in economic activities.
  • It should have effectiveness and benefits for you as a participant.
  • Most adequately and appropriately funded by the NDIS.

We suggest using the checklist as provided in the NDIS legislation for your requests and using its language for pre-planning purposes.

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