Participate Community

Community Participate

We are working towards providing you with complete and adequate participation in the community. It helps you enhance your potential for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. 

Assistance is available for:

  • Community events
  • Hobbies
  • Appointments
  • Cultural events
  • Shopping
  • Eating out
  • Community centre
  • Swimming, gym, sports club and more. 

Our support program works as an enabler for the participants in community engagement and recreational activities. 

Why is social and community participation beneficial for me? 

It can be an excellent option for the participants looking at stepping into the community and participating in group activities. You can make friends and also find support in social and economic participation. Social and community participation is funded separately in your NDIS plan.

The participants will have a broad choice with these activities in your NDIS plan.

Community Participate inclusions

It may include: 

  • Education, courses
  • Appointments and Health Assessments
  • Life Satisfaction Outcomes
  • Providing access to public transport and support in doing so
  • Actively participating in community events
  • Enhance community engagement and diversity.

Travel and Transport forms part of the community participate. Our support services aim to help the participants gain access to disability support where ever they go. This assistance, however, is limited to those who cannot use public transport due to their disability. 

Customised Care

We customise it to your specific needs and wants. We work with you and your family members and incorporate your requirements. With this, we individualise your support plan. With us, you can access a broad variety of community participation, thereby enriching your life. 

We have plans and programs available for:

  • Children – safe and enjoyable, indoor and outdoor activities
  • Youth- adding thrill and adventure to keep the engagement level high. 
  • Adults- designed to keep teamwork and excitement a top priority. 

We aim to provide opportunities to live a happier and more independent life.

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