Specialised Disability Accommodation

For anyone who has a disability, the challenges are numerous. Due to high support needs or functional impairment, there is a requirement for specially designed houses. Such accommodations are called – Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Specialist Disability Accommodation – what is it and its use?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) could also be a kind of housing that’s designed to enable eligible National social welfare Scheme (NDIS) participants to receive the support they need to live in a community environment and have superior support available at all times.

As a participant, if you are eligible for SDA funding, you will get the funds that cover the capital costs and the support investment as well. We, as a provider, meet all the diverse needs of the participants in every innovative way possible.

The opportunity

 Funding for SDA is predicted to grow to approximately $700 million once a year at a complete Scheme. This funding has already begun to attract investment and stimulate the event of the latest dwellings.

 Accessing Specialist Disability Accommodation funding

 The NDIA assesses whether a private is eligible for SDA in line with the NDIS (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Rules 2016.

 A participant is eligible for SDA, and the NDIA will provide that participant with an amount of funding. The NDIA considers the participant’s goals and preferences and calculates the number of SDA funding based on:

  • Design category, which is set by the participant’s support needs;
  • Dwelling type, which is set by both the goals and conditions of the participant to understand those goals; and
  • Location, which is set by both the participant’s objectives and needs and which represents value for money.

 The participant can then use that funding to hunt out a dwelling to maneuver into that’s consistent with their goals and support needs. SDA funding is provided to a participant, not a dwelling, and a participant can move from one dwelling to a special one.

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